Why study Latin?


Standout Factor in College Admissions

Latin differentiates you from the growing number of students with perfect scores applying to top colleges. With the competition only getting stronger and the acceptance rate smaller year after year, one of the best ways to beat the odds is to show that you’re disciplined and curious by learning a language that boosts your English and test-taking power.
Latin was once a cornerstone of Western liberal education for over 2,000 years. And it still has many supporters today. Admission officers at America’s finest colleges love Latin as much as we do.

What Colleges Say About Latin

“Because so few students these days master Latin, it can help an applicant. We certainly do take notice…It can end up tipping the student into the class.”

William Fitzsimmons

Dean of Undergraduate

Admissions and Financial Aid


“I was particularly impressed by a student with average test scores and grades who had taken Latin throughout middle and high school. We ended up offering the student admission, and I think it is fair to say that it was his commitment to Latin that tipped the scales.”

Andrea Thomas

 Assistant Dean of Admission

“[The Latin] student is likely to be disciplined, have a strong basis for further learning, [and] be a little more creative toward intellectual pursuits than most.”

Michael C. Behnke

Vice President for Enrollment

“Vocabulary and grammar of the English language can be mightily improved through the study of Latin.”

Kathy Lindsey

Associate Director of Admissions

“The study of Roman culture which typically accompanies Latin study informs the study of any Western literature, art, or culture as well. […] If Latin were dead, every Western culture and language would be also bereft of life.”

Matthew Potts

 Admissions Counselor

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