What is unique about our SAT program?

English focus

We focus on reading, grammar, vocabulary, and the essay. You’ll be taught by a verbal expert who holds a degree in 3 language-related fields, with extensive experience teaching the test to international and boarding school students

Everything is explained clearly

The goal in every class is to explain troublesome areas clearly and distinctly by breaking apart complex questions and answer choices to their simplest common denominator

Establishing a solid foundation first is crucial

That’s why we spend a whole course analyzing the official College Board exams before intensive practice. In the long run, you’ll improve more quickly and score significantly higher

Using the Socratic method so that what is understood stays understood

Be able to explain a correct answer choice to a challenging question with the gentle prodding of the teacher. Students learn best when they are asked to recall information at periodic intervals

Using different approaches based on the needs of the student

We offer only small group and private classes—with no more than 4 students. This allows us to adapt our approach to the individual student

Thinking past the test

The SAT is not all about the score. We believe that the SAT cultivates your critical thinking and verbal skills. Identifying and summarizing key points. Analyzing complex texts. Writing clear, grammatically correct prose. These skills will prove useful to you later on—in college and in your career

Emerson's Pledge

So far we’ve had a success rate of 100%. Our students who complete our English program and our SAT courses in sequence will easily reach their target score above a 700 on the reading and writing sections to get into the college of their choice

Program Content


  • Introductory course that puts you on a solid foundation

  • Thoroughly analyze only the official SAT reading and grammar tests released by the College Board to understand how the test-maker comes up with its questions

  • Know where and how to look to get just the right answer dealing with SAT reading and writing passages and SAT vocabulary questions

Prep Courses

  • Finish 1 full test every class

  • Complete and analyze 5 reading passages

  • Complete and analyze 4 grammar passages

  • Analyze and complete 1 essay (first draft/final draft)

SAT Reading

  • Clearly and systematically demystify what is often considered the most challenging section of the exam

  • Get in-depth explanations and numerous examples demonstrating how to work through each question type

SAT Grammar

  • Master all the major grammar and rhetoric concepts tested on the multiple choice section

  • Master strategies for simplifying complex questions, and for quickly identifying the information most relevant to determining correct answers

SAT Vocabulary

  • Study and be tested on the most common SAT words 

  • Study and be tested on Latin and Greek roots for the SAT 

  • Learn how to determine meaning by using context clues

SAT Essay

  • Master the fundamentals of reading, analysis, and writing

  • Analyze real SAT essays with a perfect score of 24

  • Receive plenty of corrections and feedbacks from teacher

SAT Great Global Conversation

  • This new SAT section on the SAT tests your reading skills in historical documents like the Gettysburg Address, the Federalist Papers, and essays by Emerson and Thoreau

  • Engage in “conversation” with the US founders and great thinkers by analyzing and working through over 50 reading passages arranged chronologically from the 15th century to the present in our SAT Foundation course

Course content can be customized to meet the needs of private and paired students.

Program Structure

  • Courses are offered year-round and during school breaks

  • Every SAT class meets for 3 class hours and 3 study hours

SAT Foundation


  • 10 classes

  • Classes meet 2-5 times a week

SAT Regular Prep


  • 10 classes

  • Classes meet 2-5 times a week

SAT Final Prep


  • 10 classes

  • Classes meet 2-5 times a week

SAT Short Prep

Spring Break

  • 6 classes

  • Classes meet 6 times a week

Other Courses




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Emerson Latin offers a complete Latin curriculum, grades 5-12, from the beginner to the SAT and AP Exam, along with selective courses in English language, literature, and composition. We meet in small groups either online or in our classroom in Apgujeong, Seoul.

The teacher is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key International Honour Society, and American Classics League.

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