What is unique about our Grammar course?

Take grammar once, and never again

Other grammar programs make you revisit the same concept again and again. But you don’t have to. By taking a totally logical, systematic approach, you’ll know all that there is to know about grammar in one short course 

Analyze sentences

Don’t memorize concepts. Apply the grammar you’ve mastered to rules in punctuation, capitalization, and usage. Be able to parse and diagram every sentence in the English language 

Diagram sentences

Once you understand how sentences work, it’s harder to write an incorrect one. By focusing on the structure and pattern of language, you learn to analyze even the most difficult sentences more quickly and write and think more clearly

Only at Emerson

Our unique grammar course, based on classical methods, is found nowhere else. Emerson’s grammar workbooks – in two volumes – provide ample practice and tests to ensure mastery of simpler ideas before moving onto more complex ideas

Program Content

Part 1

  • All the parts of speech and parts of the sentence

  • Phrases and clauses

  • Classic sentence diagramming

Part 2

  • Rules of punctuation and capitalization

  • Common usage errors

  • Classic sentence diagramming

Program Structure

  • Course lasts just 1 term, 15 classes in all

  • Available based on demand


  • Course starts in the end of August

  • Class meets 1 time/week

  • 2.5 class hours/session

  • 2.5 study hours/session

  • 15 classes in 15 weeks

Winter Break

  • Course starts mid-December

  • Class meets 5 times/week

  • 2.5 class hours/session

  • 2.5 class hours/session

  • 15 classes in 3 weeks


  • Course starts in January

  • Class meets 1 time/week

  • 2.5 class hours/session

  • 2.5 study hours/session

  • 15 classes in 15 weeks

Summer Break

  • 1st session starts in June, lasting 5 weeks

  • 2nd session starts in July, lasting 5 weeks

  • Class meets 3 times/week

  • 2.5 class hours/session

  • 2.5 study hours/session

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