What is unique about our English program?


College Prep

Emerson’s English is a 2-year program where students in Grades 5-8 perfect the art of reading and writing for high school and college. Everything in the curriculum was carefully designed to prepare you to score your highest on the SAT and prepare you for advanced courses in high school requiring heavy reading and writing

Textual Analysis

We take reading and writing seriously, as a foundation for advanced speaking and listening. Everything that you talk about and learn from listening to others in class is built first upon the close reading of the text you’re studying

Socratic Method

Like the best elite boarding schools in the US, Emerson’s English class uses the Socratic Seminar as the main vehicle of learning. The teacher plays the role of Socrates in asking questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying assumptions

Classical Education

 As much as we can, we study the great classics and use classical methods in our curriculum. In literature we read popular bestsellers and award winners as well as the timeless classics. In philosophy we analyze the classic arguments made by philosophers. In logic we examine bad arguments people make using faulty reasoning. In classical writing we learn to imitate the sentences of great authors. In vocabulary we learn the Latin roots of the most challenging words common on the SAT

Program Content





  • Delve into classic and award-winning novels and poetry

  • Develop close reading skills by analyzing select passages for theme, symbolism, diction, imagery, tone, style, etc.

  • Improve your reading comprehension by working through Emerson’s own literature workbooks filled with textual questions, short interpretative response prompts, and book report forms




  • Analyze current articles and editorials from The Washington Post, Scientific American, History, The Guardian, Encyclopedia Britannica, National Geographic, Associated Press, and PBS News Hour

  • Learn how to form an argument and defend your position based on a sound understanding of the issue in the news

Critical  Thinking



  • Discuss 30 classic arguments in philosophy made by Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Kant, and many more

  • Quickly spot over 30 types of logical errors made by thinkers, politicians, and ordinary people  

  • Think critically to make stronger arguments in writing

  • Think critically to make stronger rebuttals in debate


Essay Writing

  • Step 1: model your 1st essay after the teacher’s own writing

  • Step 2: write your 2nd essay with the teacher’s guidance

  • Step 3: write your 3rd essay on your own and receive corrections and feedback; revise and hand in the final draft

  • Repeat the process with a new topic based on our literature reading and discussion

Classical Writing

  • Analyze sentences of Hemingway, Twain, J.K. Rowling, and other great authors

  • Imitate their structure and write sentences with greater substance, impact, and style


Vocab Books

  • Study words using context clues and critical thinking

  • Over 2,000 words in all


  • Learn words common on the SAT picked from the books we’re studying

  • Over 1,200 words in all

Latin Roots

  • Learn the most common Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes 

  • Over 500 main roots and 1,000 supplementary parts


Socratic Seminar

  • Collaborate to gain a deeper understanding of the text

  • Socratic Seminars sit at the center of learning, dominating nearly every class

  • Improve your speaking and listening skills by actively engaging in intelligent discussions made possible by our small class sizes

  • Improve critical thinking skills by learning to ask Socratic questions and to interpret the text in multiple fascinating ways


  • Compete to gain a deeper understanding of an issue

  • Engage in a lively debate after analyzing an article or editorial

  • Learn to speak persuasively and write strong opening and closing statements

  • Learn to listen attentively and win during cross-examinations and rebuttals

  • Learn about the major controversial issues facing both conservative and liberal parties in the US

Course content can be customized to meet the needs of private and paired students.

Program Structure


  • Structured 2-year program in reading and writing 

  • Sequential courses in fall, winter, spring, summer

  • Year 1: Levels A-D, 4 courses

  • Year 2: Levels E-H, 4 courses


  • Course starts in the end of August

  • Class meets 1 time/week

  • 2.5 class hours/session

  • 2.5 study hours/session

  • 15 classes in 15 weeks

Winter Break

  • Course starts mid-December

  • Class meets 3 times/week

  • 2.5 class hours/session

  • 2.5 class hours/session

  • 9 classes in 3 weeks


  • Course starts in January

  • Class meets 1 time/week

  • 2.5 class hours/session

  • 2.5 study hours/session

  • 15 classes in 15 weeks

Summer Break

  • 1st session starts in June, lasting 5 weeks

  • 2nd session starts in July, lasting 5 weeks

  • Class meets 3 times/week

  • 2.5 class hours/session

  • 2.5 study hours/session

Other Courses

English (5 to 8)



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Emerson Latin offers a complete Latin curriculum, grades 5-12, from the beginner to the SAT and AP Exam, along with selective courses in English language, literature, and composition. We meet in small groups either online or in our classroom in Apgujeong, Seoul.

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